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A little more about me..

Heyyy!!! As you may know my name is Ana Hanks, I am an artist, small business owner, mother of 3 and wife, I'm the youngest of 6! I speak both english and spanish! When I'm not in my home art studio, I am with my family watching movies, playing arcade games, crafting, dancing, definitely swimming during the summer or hitting tennis balls, shooting hoops, or playing volleyball in our backyard with our air volleyball net. I love kickboxing fitness, my playlist is a mix of cumbias, rap, pop, contemporary christian, and of course everything 90's!!!! my fav food is seafood, I enjoy trying new recipes, my guilty pleasure snack is a nice seasoned bag of chips (hehe) add a dip or salsa and now we are talking! I've always had love for art an dance. My first artistic itch was landscape photography. Traveling the world, capturing breathtaking landscape photos was my dream in high school. Life for me didn't quite happen as one would of wanted during those early years after high school, but I'm thankful, life's beauty is never ending, God's love is unconditional, without my faith I wouldn't be here. There's so much more I would like to share with you, here's  to the beginning of getting to know each other if you ever have something you'd like to share with me connect with my social medias or email! Thank YOU a million times for being here.

All my love ~Ana

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