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Hi! I'm Ana Hanks, Welcome to That's Soul Watercolor


How That's Soul Watercolor came to be..

Hi, welcome!

My name is Ana, I am a self taught artist born and raised in west Texas. I specialize in watercolor and pyrography. I have been practicing art since 2015. My journey began after  feeling something in my life was missing. I knew my soul was yearning for so much more! In that time, I had explored many mediums and enjoyed all sorts of art, watercolor and pyrography stole my heart, the beauty they bring into the world is magical. Even in the minimal pieces, that is how I define my personal style! Their simplicity is pleasing and classic. Today, I'm thankful to share my art, whether its an original painting, custom request, big or small or sharing my art on items. The therapeutical warmth this brings me is how the name That's Soul Watercolor came about. My art comes from my soul,  I'm blessed that you're here, I hope you enjoy, I would love to share a little of my heart and soul with you.

Midland, TX 79703


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